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Grove City Tech Lab

Custom PC Build

Custom PC Build

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A flat-rate fee to help you build the PC of your dreams (and/or budget!) If you've ever wanted to learn how to put a PC together from the parts up, then you've come to the right place.
Whether you bring the parts or we help you source them, we'll guide your build with input, testing, and hands-on assistance so you're left with your custom computer ready to shred the competition (or the code-base, or the schoolwork...)
You're more than welcome - even recommended - to build it with us!

We'll help you:
  • Determine the purpose of the computer use
  • Identify the components you need and/or want
  • Purchase and/or source the components
  • Assemble the case and components
  • Customization and decoration of your case
  • Selection of peripherals and accessories
  • Install the operating system of your choice
  • Perform updates, setup security, and tweak performance

Have questions?

Not included in price:
  • Parts or completed system shipping, if needed
  • Hardware parts, if we have to purchase them
  • Software licensing, if you need or want non-free apps
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