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Grove City Tech Lab

Digital Literacy Education

Digital Literacy Education

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Go confidently into the modern world with our digital literacy education - a one-on-one in-person training session tailored to help you safely and effectively navigate the digital realm. Whether you're just starting or want to enhance your existing skills, we provide hands-on guidance tailored to your pace and goals.

Listed pricing is per hour - this product is offered local and in-person at our office in Grove City only.

Regardless of the technical topic or level - we can help guide you and/or fill in the gaps:

  • Online Identity and Privacy Management: Understand the importance of creating and managing strong passwords, setting up two-factor authentication, and managing privacy settings across various digital platforms.
  • Safe Internet & Social Media Usage: Learn how to browse the web and social media securely, identify secure websites, avoid phishing scams, and recognize deceptive content.
  • Email Safety Practices: Discover best practices for using email safely, including how to spot suspicious emails and how to handle potentially harmful attachments or links.
  • Cyber-bullying Awareness: Understand the potential risks of cyber-bullying, how to identify it, and the appropriate steps to take if you encounter it.
  • Data Protection and Management: Learn to store and manage your data safely, including using cloud storage securely and understanding the basics of encryption.
  • Office Applications: Get hands-on experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Learn at your pace, from basic operations to more complex tasks.
  • Email and Calendar Management: Master popular email platforms like Gmail and Outlook and learn to manage your schedule with integrated calendars.
  • Online Collaboration Tools: Become proficient in using collaboration tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams, along with mastering video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams.
  • Web Navigation: Learn how to effectively browse the internet, use search engines, manage bookmarks, and handle browser extensions.
  • Social Media Navigation: Step confidently into social media. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter/X, Instagram, or LinkedIn, learn how to connect, engage, and create content safely.
  • Coding and Programming: We can help you on your way and teach you common programming patterns across a variety of useful languages - from web to desktop to mobile applications - let us help!
  • Cloud and Server Infrastructure: Learn how to leverage cloud and virtual infrastructure to create, test, and publish server environments.
It's more than just training; it's your personal guide into the expansive digital universe. Join us to make your journey safe, productive, and enjoyable.

Proudly serving Big Run RidgeBeulah Park, Grove City Town Center, and Grove City, Ohio - part of the greater Columbus, Ohio area and Silicorn Heartland.

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