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Grove City Tech Lab

Ship-In Repair Diagnostic

Ship-In Repair Diagnostic

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Ship us your computer, laptop, tablet, phone, gaming system, or other device for repair - hardware or software issues welcome!

For remote tech support in Grove City, view our Remote Tech Support option. If you're local to Grove City, we can also come to you!

Ship-in repairs diagnostic fees are credited to our flat-rate repair fee of $69 if you accept the repair details. The diagnostic fee otherwise covers our time and shipping of your device back to you safely (if you decline to have your device repaired.)

Supported ship-in repairs:

  • Operating systems including Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux/Unix
  • Software scripts, applications, services, and daemons
  • Performance due to malware or misconfiguration
  • Application installation or updates
  • Issues with apps or software workflows not functioning
  • Hardware testing and parts replacement
  • Peripherals and electronic accessories
  • WIFI and networking setup, testing, and reconfiguration
  • Most home and business devices or systems
  • Gaming systems like Xbox and PS4/5
  • Android and Apple mobile tablets and devices

Not included in price:

  • Initial shipping of your device to us
  • Return shipping back to you (unless you opt out of repairs)
  • Hardware parts, if we have to purchase them
  • Software licensing, if you need or want non-free apps
  • Specialized services such as data recovery, digital-forensics, etc.
  • Advanced or infrastructure level architecture setup and configuration

Proudly serving Beulah Park, Grove City Town Center, and Grove City, Ohio - part of the greater Columbus, Ohio area and Silicorn Heartland. Shipping from other areas is accepted, but I recommend you find a local company whenever possible.

Repair services we cannot handle (don't send it!):

  • DVD/Blu-Ray/VHS/Audio Receivers
  • Firmware Reset Protection (FRP) removal for Google or Apple
  • Apple, Android, Fossil, or any Smart Watches
  • Unlocked boot loaders or carrier lockouts
  • Back-glass repair for any device
  • Ledger or other hardware wallet seed-phrase recovery
  • Cracking or other illegal warez activity
  • Game system chip modifications or replacements

Ultimately, if you're unsure if we can handle your repair - email us at

After, your purchase, you'll receive a digital download with the address to ship your system to.


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